ShopDex Award Program

How the ShopDex Award Program Works

If we select your site for an award, we will automatically indicate this in our listing by posting your rating stars after your site's title.
If you decide that you would like to display our award banner on a page other than your home page, we will place a border around your listing and include a small image of the award along with your information.
To get the maximum benefit from your award and increased publicity for your site, we recommend that you place one of the award banners on your home page. Island Web Award Banners Two Star Award Banners Three Star Award Banners Four Star Award Banners Five Star Award Banners

Website Evaluation Criteria
(in descending order of importance)

1. Uniqueness and/or originality of information or topic as it relates
to Long Island.
5. Interest to residents and visitors to the Island.
2. Comprehensiveness and depth
of site.
6. Ease of navigation and organization.
3. Accuracy of information and links to sites. 7. Speed of use.
4. Updated frequently. 8. Appearance of website.

CitiDexLI Awards Rating System

* * * * * Outstanding in all areas
* * * * Excellent
* * * Very useful, worth a visit.
* * OK, may provide some useful information.
I.A. Island Award
Excellent community information/
Very useful not-for-profit site.

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