What is ShopDex.com On-Line?

The On-Line Directory for New Yorkers and Our Guests
The most useful directory for Manhattan on the web.
It's ShopDex's Yellow Pages Plus!

CitiDex Long Island On-Line

  A comprehensive on-line information source designed for Long Islanders.

  1,600 listings for stores, restaurants, organizations and websites - all organized in a fast easy-to-use yellow-page category format.

  Seating plans for concert halls, stadiums and theaters, both on Long Island and in New York City.

  Detailed Citidex maps for Huntington Village, and major roads and places on Long Island.

  Special features including tide charts, direct links to train and ferry schedules. Links to maps of local and NYC airports.

  Links to CitiDex New York On-Line, the definitive on-line directory to the Big Apple. Includes over 28,000 interactive listings of NYC firms and New York-focused websites, maps of the neighborhoods, an interactive subway map, pictures of the city and practical essays.

CitiDex Long Island On-Line - designed for our readers
Fast for 56k and Broadband

  • From start of site log-in, users should get useful results within 20 seconds on broadband and within 90 seconds on a 56k modem.
  • Subsequent "look-ups" should be finished within 10 seconds for short categories e.g., "Acupuncture" or "Zoos" and up to 30 seconds for comprehensive categories, e.g. Restaurants: Comprehensive Listing".
Easy-to-use on-line information resource for Long Islanders on the Web.

  • New users should be able to navigate without any training.
  • Information retrieval should not require typing or spelling abilities.
Development of reliable verified database for all listings, numbers, websites, etc.

  • Reduce wrong numbers, out-of-service and defunct websites to less than 1%.
  • Verify all information by phone.
Expanded interactive listing design and content designed for Internet directories including:

  • More information: fax, 1-800 numbers, website and e-mail addresses plus hours, languages, credit cards, nearest subway and cross-streets.
  • Interactive links to related information within the directory, e.g., from theaters to seating plans, ticket ordering, parking map, performance times, subway map, reviews and even official "show websites".
Integration of "local brick and mortar" listings with related on-line resources

  • For example, shoppers for computers will find 1) local computer stores, 2) mail order companies with 1-800 access, 3) local computer stores with on-line catalogs and ordering, and 4) pure e-commerce/mail order computer stores.

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