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Privacy Policy

ShopDex earns its income from the sale of on-line classified advertising. We are not in the business of selling information about our users. ShopDex.com maintains the highest possible level of privacy protection. In particular, we do not place cookies on your machine (or browsers). We do not track individual users as they navigate around the site.

What Policies do we have to protect your privacy?

We do not place cookies on your computer.
We do not require registration to use our site.
We do not accept any ads from third party servers. Third party ad servers such as Double Click often place cookies on your computer.
We do not require any email or other identifying information when you communicate with us. However, if you would like a reply, see the Junk Mail Policy below.

We know nothing about your visit except the referring URL.

We collect only the referring URL which is provided to us automatically by our host. We use this only to track our unique visitors from a particular referring URL. Information about individual referring URL's is not shared with anybody.

No information is shared with outside parties.

Even the information about the individual referring URL's is not shared with anyone.

What do we do with the information that you voluntarily provide us in communicating with ShopDex.com?

We will not share any information with any outside party. This extends to information and user profiles which you may give us voluntarily to help us develop and market the site. All personal information given to us voluntarily, in summary, is not shared with anyone outside the company.

No Junk E-Mail Policy

If you voluntarily give us your E-Mail address, we will not use this to send you unsolicited messages from ShopDex.com (eg. about new features, updates, new cities) unless you opt-in.

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