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CitiDexLI, Inc., a leader in technology-design for publishing interactive on-line directories, has just published its newest directory, ShopDex Online Shopping Yellow Pages at www.shopdex.com.

Integrated Interactive Internet Pioneer
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Integrated Information: “Compared to other on-line shopping directories, ShopDex is unique in so many ways”, offers Cathy McDonagh, ???Long Island??? Managing Editor. “Besides being faster and easier to use, ShopDex.com is the only directory really built from the ground up for online shoppers. My favorite feature is our cool hyperlinking throughout the directory and right onto the Web. I also like the way we integrate traditional yellow page listings with information from the Internet, travel guides, maps, newspapers and even on-the-street research into one convenient yellow page style on-line directory."

Interactive: “My husband and I,” volunteers Blanche Dohan, Vice-President of Advertising Sales, “ like to use ShopDex.com at home to check out the whole spectrum of shopping opportunities. We really are a 'Yellow Pages Plus!'"

Internet Pioneer: Citidex Long Island On-Line and Citidex New York On-Line grew out of the Traveller's Yellow Pages and Handbook On-Line directories for St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia at www.infoservices.com. With more than 1,000,000 visitors per year, these directories, first uploaded in August 1996, are continuously updated by the St. Petersburg and Moscow offices. They remain the only completely bilingual English-Russian directories on-line today.

The most popular feature of CitiDex Long Island On-line had its origin in InfoServices' very first print directory for St. Petersburg, Russia in 1992 (the first yellow pages in the city). “At the time, I felt that visitors to Russia needed more than a simple yellow pages to cope with all the differences in culture, living conditions and etiquette, so I decided to include this information right in the same category along with the usual telephone listings” stated Michael R. Dohan, Ph.D. founder of InfoServices International, Inc. Today, this concept of “integrated information” has grown to embrace city-related websites, 1-800 numbers, e-commerce sites, books, linked cross references and reader-friendly maps.

Innovative: “Many local advertisers are attracted to Citidex Long Island On-Line because it is the only on-line directory focusing specifically on such Long Island towns as Huntington. "Of course,” observes Cameron Kohler, Director of Sales and Business Development, “ our advertisers also appreciate the fact that, unlike any other on-line directory, our innovative in-category advertisements in CitiDex Long Island On-line are always visible to the readers and create an efficient gateway to the advertiser's own website. This increases the advertiser's ROI on their existing Internet investments.” The common in-category banners and brochure websites are also available to advertisers.

International: Over the next 3 years, InfoServices.Com plans to publish multilingual CitiDex directories on-line for more than 100 major cities in the USA and abroad. InfoServices can also custom publish B-to-B, Internet and company directories either right onto the Web or onto a hotel or office intranet, as a CD ROM for travelers or in custom print formats.

Infrastructure: InfoServices.Com will continue to build the information infrastructure for local small businesses in Long Island by providing the most comprehensive “vertical information portal” available on-line for Long Island communities.

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