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Book Publishers Online

Barrons Educational Series

America?s leading publisher of test preparation manuals and school directories.
Tel 800-645-3476
Fax: 631-434-3723; E-mail: webadmin@barronseduc.com
Website: barronseduc.com


Publisher of many books and software.
Website: broderbund.com

Dorrance Online Bookstore

Dorrance publishing company's online bookstore.
Tel 412-288-4543
E-mail: dorrance@dorrancepublishing.com; Website: dorrancepublishing.com


Website of the publisher. Includes a book finders, a gift finder, and a list of bestsellers.
Website: globepequot.com


Discover the better choice in publishing.
Website: iuniverse.com

Muska & Lipman Publishing

Publishes innovative and high-quality computer and technology books.
Tel 513-924-9300
Fax: 513-924-9333; E-mail: publisher@muskalipman.com
Website: muskalipman.com

Pulpless.Com, Inc.

We make books-paper optional.
Website: pulpless.com


Rodale has been the publisher of information on living and active, healthy lifestyle.
Website: rodale.com