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Gardens and Public Squares Online

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Gardens and Public Squares Online

GardenNet's Guide to New York

Info and times for the major gardens thoughout the Metropolitan area, gardening tips and a whole lot more.
Website: gardennet.com

Greer Gardens

Greer Gardens is situated a few miles north of Eugene in Oregon?s lush Willamette River Valley. More than 4,500 varieties of plants grow on the 14-acre property stretching back from a row of Chamaecyparis at the Garden?s northern boundary on Goodpasture Island Road.
Website: greergardens.com

Botanical Gardens & Arboreteums (2 listings total)

The Morton Arboretum

The Arboretum's 1,700 acres are really an outdoor classroom! And, the more than 350 innovative classes, certificate programs, special seminars and symposiums, weekend trips, and nature science camps are among the ways to discover a world of nature!
Website: mortonarb.org

Botanical Tours (3 listings total)


North America's oldest and most respected garden tour company.
Website: coopersmiths.com

Lucas & Randall

Highlighted in seven very special European Garden Tours created specifically for those with an appreciation of beauty in nature and in the creations of man.
Tel 800-505-2505

Sisley Garden Tours

Take a virtual or an actual tour of some of the most beautiful gardens in the world.
Website: sisley.co.uk