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Greeting Cards Online (real)

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Greeting Cards Online (real)

4C Charity Christmas Card Council

Not-for-profit organization marketing and selling christmas cards on behalf of national and internatinoal charities
Website: charitycards.org

Adorable Planet.com Birth Announcements

Beautiful birth announcements, custom printed
Website: adorableplanet.com


Can you imagine sitting down one day & ordering all the Birthday/Holiday cards you will need for the entire year....& then getting an email just prior to these special dates reminding you to go ahead & send the card you don't have to run out to the 24-hour drug store for? Yes, it is all possible at American Greetings online, plus lots of cool free e-cards, post-cards, & create-an-e-cards to send. Happy Sending!
Website: americangreetings.com


100% animated greetings, with your own unique sound personalization to add that special touch.
Website: animatedgreetings.com

Baby's Here.Com Birth Announcements

Fine, custom-printed birth announcements from top card designers
Website: babyshere.com

Beeler Greetings

Cards for every occasion.
E-mail: marieke@beelergreetings.com; Website: beelergreetings.com

Card Store

Greeting cards for any occasion. Paper Greeting Cards
Technical Service 877-822-2737


Send a greeting card, lithographed art print, or original painting to someone you like!
Website: cardart.com


Paper greeting cards for business
Website: cardstar.com


Personalised greeting cards
Website: cardstore.com

Colorful Images

The worlds largest selection of personalized paper products. Colorful Images
Toll-Free 800-272-9219

Cordial Greetings

Holiday cards and calendars designed with your business in mind
Tel 800-257-8276
Website: cordialgreetings.com

Dundee Printing

25 % off wedding invitations baby birth announcements photo cards
Website: dundeeprinting.com


Website: ecards.org

Gallery Collection, The

Premium quality cards for a lasting impression. The Gallery Collection

Generosity Cards

Handcrafted photo greeting cards
Website: generositycards.com


Hallmark Cards
Toll-Free 800-425-5627

Love in a Box

Lunchbox cards to show your kids your love.
Tel 805-786-4756
Fax: 805-786-4803; E-mail: info@love-in-a-box.net
Website: love-in-a-box.net

Marycana Gifts, Angels & Greeting Cards

Angels, gifts, christmas angels, birthday angels & more gifts
Website: marycana.com

Miles Kimball Cards

America's most distictive custom-made Christmas cards.
Website: mileskimballcards.com


Find the perfect paper greeting card here for any occasion.
Website: sparks.com


Offering flowers and electronic cards.
Toll-Free 877-627-7444
E-mail: customerservice@starpuppy.com; Website: starpuppy.com


Award winning greeting cards for all occasions.
Website: tinymonkeycards.com

Uptown Invitations

Wedding invitations, announcements, holiday items, stationery
Website: uptowninvitations.com


Producing handmade Christmas cards.
E-mail: info@watabaran.org; Website: watabaran.org