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Computer Manufacturers

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Computer Manufacturers


Communication device manufacturer
Technical Support 847-262-7256
Website: 3com.com

3d Labs

High end 3d computer graphic accelerators for business applications.
Website: 3dlabs.com


A must for any true hardcore gamer, 3dfx manufactures fast polygon pushing chips at affordable prices. Online support and down-loadable hardware drivers available.
Website: 3dfx.com

ABS Computer Technologies Inc.

Home and home office PCs and Notebooks, software and peripherals
Tel 800-876-8088
E-mail: sales@abspc.com; Website: abspc.com


Computer manufacturer
Technical Support 800-873-7255
Website: acer.com


Industry leader in SCSI cards
Technical Support 800-416-8066
Website: adaptec.com


Very large computer graphics software manufacturer
Tel 800-833-6687
Website: adobe.com


Very high quality, hi-fi, sound systems and computers
Tel 800-289-2492
Website: us.aiwa.com

Altec Lansing

Hi-fi computer speakers
Technical Support 800-258-3288
Website: alteclansing.com


Largest competitor to Intel
Tel 800-222-9323
Website: amd.com

American Megatrends Inc.

Large computer BIOS manufacturer
Website: ami.com

APC (American Power Conversion)

Leading the industry in power protection hardware
Website: apcc.com

Apple Computer, Inc.

Home of the Macintosh. Features an online store.
Tel 800-538-9696
Website: apple.com

Apple Computer, Inc.

Tel 800-538-9696
Website: apple.com

ATI Technologies Inc.

ATI, know for their 3d graphics accelerators, also manufacture PC, Mac, and portable computers products. Also has a online store and online support.
Tel 888-284-8383
Tel: 905-882-2626; Website: ati.com


Compaq sells desktop computers, notebooks, & workstations, not to mention software, server appliances, & other computer peripherals. Website as information about every line of Compaq computers, including a online store and dealer locations.
Tel 800-345-1518
Website: compaq.com

Compaq Factory Outlet Online

All the Compaq quality without the middleman.
Website: compaqfactoryoutlet.com

Cornea Systems

Leading supplier of cutting-edge flat-panel display solutions
Website: corneasystems.com

Cornerstone Monitor Solutions

Specialize in making Big Monitors and everything that goes into creating the ultimate large format professional display
Website: bigmonitors.com

Creative Labs

At this site they provide the consumer with multimedia products & peripherals for personal computers. Note: the TTY phone we have for this site is listed under tech support. It was the only TTY line they list. You can email though through their troubleshooting section.
Customer Services 800-998-5227
Order: 405-624-6780; Order: 800-998-1000
Technical Support: 405-742-6622; Technical Support: 405-742-6633
TTY Line ( Deaf ): 405-372-7341; Website: us.creative.com


Website: crucial.com

Dell Asian Pacific

Dell in the Asia pacific Area
Website: ap.dell.com

Diamond Multimedia

3-d computer graphics company specializing in multimedia video cards.
Website: diamondmm.com


Car audio, automotive, computers.
Website: dynamat.com


laptop computers- CR May2000
Tel 877-566-3463
Website: e4me.com

Epson America, Inc.

leading the industry in micro-dot, color printing technology
Technical Support 800-463-7766
Website: epson.com

Epson America, Inc.

Technical Support 800-463-7766
Website: epson.com

Fuji Photo Film USA, Inc.

Very large camera and film company
Website: fujifilm.com


Computer and communications company. Visit the Fujitsu Computer Systems Online Store!
Technical Support 800-838-5487
Website: fujitsupc.com

Gateway 2000 Inc.

Large mail-order computer company for Gateway computers and PC software. Also Pentium Processors. Many links to other sitets to purchase computer accessories and software.
Tel 800-846-2000
Website: gateway.com

Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc.

Ever wish you could watch David Letterman while you type up your report? Hauppauge manufactures a computer video card that makes it possible. Their site contains software updates and technical info.
Website: hauppauge.com

Hercules Computer Technology

Graphics and multimedia computer company
Website: hercules.com

Hewlett Packard

Desktop, Notebook, Tablet PCs, Handhelds, Monitors and Projectors
Tel 800-752-0900
Website: hp.com


storage and media
Website: hival.com

IBM Corporation

Largest and most well-known name in personal computing
Technical Support 800-426-7235
Website: ibm.com


a little bit of everything
Website: imation.com

In Focus Systems

Home and business projectors
Tel 800-294-6400
E-mail: sales@infocus.com; Website: infocus.com

Integrated Device Technology, Inc.

major manufacturer of RISC controllers
Website: idt.com

Intel Corporation

The chip making Goliath ranks with Microsoft as far as name recognition goes. Stay away from the newest chips as they often have bugs that are ironed out in later incarnations.
Technical Support 800-628-8686
Website: intel.com


Sales at Iomega.com
Tel 800-697-8833
Website: iomega.com


JBL specializes in mid to high end audio equipment. They also manufacture studio and car audio speakers. Go to www.jblpro.com for their higher end models.
Tel 516-255-4525
Website: jbl.com


Affordable audio gear to professional musical products to minidisk recorders, JVC covers the spectrum of audio equipment. Site has a search engine and software download page.
Tel 800
Website: jvc.com


At the KDS site they not only manufacture monitors but also single and multi line PC modems, also other data communications products
Garden Grove, CA, Customer Services 714-379-5591
Customer Services: 800-283-1311; General Info: 800-237-9988
E-mail: service@kdsusa.com; Website: kdsusa.com

Kerio Technologies Inc.

Corporate and personal firewall software, and secure mail server software
Tel 408-496-4500
E-mail: info@kerio.com; Website: kerio.com


computer peripherals
Website: labtec.com

Lexmark International, Inc.

high quality printer manufacturer
Tel 800-539-6275
Technical Support: 888-554-3202; Website: lexmark.com


computer communication hardware
Website: linksys.com


Large computer peripheral company
Technical Support 702-269-3457
Website: logitech.com

Lucent Technologies

Very large communication hardware manufacturer.
Toll-Free 888-458-2368
Website: lucent.com

Mag Innovision

Leading high end monitor manufacturer
Technical Support 800-827-3998
Website: maginnovision.com

Matrox Electronic Systems

One of the leading graphics card developers
Technical Support 514-685-6008
Website: matrox.com

MAXELL Corporation of America

large manufacturer of media
Website: maxell.com

Maxtor corporation

one of the industry leaders in hard drive development
Website: maxtor.com


media manufacturer
Website: memorex.com


PDAs, monitors, flat panels, desktop PCs, Notebook PCs, Drives, Printers, Speakers, Accessories
Tel 800-284-9296
E-mail: websupport@separts.com; Website: microexchange.com


Printers, copiers, digital copier/scanner
Tel 800-523-2696
Website: minolta-qms.com

Mita Copy Star America, Inc

Copiers and office equipment
Website: mita.com

MPC ( Formerly Micron PC )

Online direct outlet store specializing in memory components and custom built PCs for home use and small businesses.
Tel 888-719-5031
Website: buympc.com

Mustek USA

Large manufacturer of multimedia product.
Website: mustek.com


Computers and monitors.
Tel 800-338-6549
Website: necus.com


One of the leader's in networking hardware
Website: netgear.baynetworks.com

Oki Data Americas, Inc.

Large producer of printers and facsimile machines
Tel 800-654-3282
Website: okidata.com


Large producer of monitors
Website: optiquest.com


Computer Projectors, Home Theatre Projectors
Tel 408-383-3700
Website: optomausa.com

Packard Bell NEC, Inc.

Large home computer manufacturer
Website: packardbell.com


An industry leader in computer and electronic hardware
Tel 800-531-0039
Website: philipsusa.com


Display innovation systems and technologies
Website: planar.com

Plextor Corp.

Large producer of high-end CD-ROM and cd-recordable drives
Technical Support 800-475-3986
Website: plextor.com

Practical Peripherals

large communications hardware manufacturer
Website: practical.com

Princeton Graphics Systems, Inc.

Large monitor manufacturer
Website: princetongraphics.com


Large hard drive manufacturer
Technical Support 800-826-8022
Website: quantum.com


At this site you will find a product showroom showing their digital imaging systems, copiers, faxes, notebooks and much, much more.
West Caldwell, NJ, Customer Services 973-244-2768
Customer Services: 973-882-2000; Website: ricoh.com


Makers of Easy CD and DVD creator, owner of Napster 2.0.
Website: roxio.com


Latest tecnologies and superior products and services.
Technical Support 800-726-7864
Website: samsung.com


Technical Support 405-936-1200
Website: seagate.com

Shop Intel

Toll-Free 800-628-8686
Website: intel.com

STD Systems, Inc.

Specialize in Intel and Microsoft platforms
Website: std.net


Website: syquest.com


An industry leader in computer & electronic hardware. Toshiba Direct Rebates and Specials
Tel 800-631-3811
Website: toshiba.com


The goal is to provide the best computer case and computer cooling accessories available.
Website: xoxide.com


An industry leader in digitized and computer generated audio
Tel 800-492-6242
Website: yamaha.com