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Magazines By Specialty Online

Zinio Digital Magazines

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Internet (17 listings total)


Digital magazine with interactive website.
Toll-Free 800-677-5212
E-mail: sales@shutterbug.net; Website: edigitalphoto.com

ZD Net

Website: zdnet.com

Popular Magazines (13 listings total)


Allzines.com great site for popular magazines and subscription

American Memory

Features more than 90 digital collections from the Library of Congress. The site is very easily searchable by keyword, time period or broad topic
Website: memory.loc.gov


America's magazine superstore.
Website: bluedolphin-magazines.com

City Review

Online magazine covering NYC-centric issues.
Website: thecityreview.com

Communication Initiative

Human rights, children protection and more goals
Website: comminit.com


America's first choice magazine store since 1974.
Website: magazineline.com


Risk-free gurantees on over 10,000 titles.
Website: netmagazines.com

Outside Magazine Online

Discover the mysteries of the wild at Outside Magazine Online.
Website: outsidemag.com

Primedia Magazine Store

Your one-stop shopping website for over 140 titles at the lowest prices anywhere.
Website: store.primediamags.com


The focus of this site is on the Colonial and Revolutionary period.
Website: ushistory.org

Valley of the Shadow

Primary documents make this one of the best Civil War sites
Website: valley.vcdh.virginia.edu

Advertising and Marketing (4 listings total)

Ad Week

Website: adweek.com


Magazine City is the online marketing creation of a group of magazine circulation professionals. Good news! There are no taxes due on magazine subscriptions, and all shipping charges are included.
Tel 800-787-1414
Website: magazinecity.net

Publisher's Clearing House

Subscribe to numerous magazines and enter their famous sweepstakes at the same time.
Tel 800-645-9242
Website: pch.com

Arts and Culture (6 listings total)

Art Bin

Website: art-bin.com


Website: artwell.com


The best site on the history and culture of Native Americans
Website: greatdreams.com

Audio-video (4 listings total)

Automotives: Cars & Cycles (19 listings total)

Motorcycle Online

Articles about motorcycles, classifieds, information on manufacturer's club and events, and of course racing.
Website: motorcycle.com

Second Chance Garage, LLC

An easy way to learn about car restoration.
Tel 703-920-7333
E-mail: satchreed@comcast.net; Website: secondchancegarage.com

Aviation & Airplanes (3 listings total)

Boating (3 listings total)

Business 2.0 Online

Online magazine for business in the 21st century.
Website: business2.com

Selling Power Online

A online magazine for the professional sales man. Sales tools, training, and online specials highlight this website.
Website: sellingpower.com


If you're into boats and sailing then this is your site. Everything boat related like magazines and t-shits.
Tel 207-359-4651
Fax: 207-359-8920; E-mail: woodenboat@woodenboat.com
Website: woodenboat.com

Business Magazines (18 listings total)

Buiness Traveleer Online

Online magazine for the travelling business man.
Website: btonline.com

Crain's New York Business

The online business magazine made specifically for New Yorkers like you.
Website: crainsny.com

Economist Online

Information on world affairs, politics, business, and other economics related topics.
Website: economist.com


Website: forbes.com

Fortune Online

Getting rich just got easier with this online version of the magazine Fortune, with expert advice on making your millions.
Website: fortune.com


The small man's business magazine, online with articles.
Website: inc.com

Sales & Marketing Online

A online resource for sales and marketing people.
Website: salesandmarketing.com

Work from Home Jobs Digest

Information on working from home
Website: intlhomeworkers.com

Career Related (2 listings total)

Children's Magazines (11 listings total)

America's Story from America's Library

Geared toward children. Meet Amazing Americans tells entertaining tales about Buffalo Bill Cody and Harriet Tubman...
Website: americaslibrary.gov

Cricket Magazine Group

Childrens online magazine with puzzles and activities.
Website: cricketmag.com

Jim Hanely's Universe

Jim Hanely is the man to come to for all your comic book needs at affordable prices.
Tel 2687088
Fax: 2687728; E-mail: jhuniverse@msn.com
Website: jhsuniverse.citysearch.com

National Geographic for Kids

Lots of puzzles and activities to keep the little ones occupied.
Website: nationalgeographic.com


Subscription for the magazine to the hit kids tv
Website: nick.com

Schoolastic Magazine

Edutainment for kids, lots of interesting articles about current events.
Website: teacher.scholastic.com

Smithsonian Magazine's Kids' Castle

Fun and educational place for kids 8-16.
Website: kidscastle.si.edu

Time For Kids

News just for kids.
Website: timeforkids.com

Yak's Corner

News magazine for kids with stories that effect your life.
Website: yakscorner.com

Zoobooks Magazine

A kid-friendly website about animals. You'll find educational games and facinating information about the animals kids love-just like the monthly magazine.
Website: zoobooks.com

Computer Magazines (34 listings total)

56K Modem Central

This site does not actually call itself a 'magazine', however it is a modem information center cum newsletter including modem classifieds, articles helping you troubleshoot problems you may be having with your existing modem & consumer advice on purchasing modems. This site bears the markings of those definitely into & committed to their passion, modems.
Website: 56k.com


Website: atpm.com

PC World Online

PC News, reviews, and "how to" articles to help you out.
Website: pcworld.com


Windows 95/98: Email, HTML tools, utilities and more; Games: the best selection of shareware and Freeware casino and PC games, News: from around the Network and around the globe and much more
Website: tucows.com

Windows & .NET Magazine Network

Everything you need in the way of magazine for your windows and .net programs.
Website: win2000mag.com

Working Smarter

Online business software training.
Website: smarter-skills.com

Zinio Digital Magazines

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Consumer (1 listings total)

Cooking (3 listings total)

Food & Wine Online

Online version of Food & Wine, a great Epicurean cooking magazine.

Family Living (7 listings total)


Home, Cooking and Entertaining, Gardening, Crafts, Holiday, Keeping, Weddings
Website: marthastewart.com


Website: people.com

Fashion and Style (6 listings total)


In Style magazine provides consumers with a unique mix of celebrity-driven stories and advice. InStyle.com continues in this tradition, offering straightforward solutions to contemporary living in a convenient online format. Enjoy editorials, useful tips and fashion-savvy advice.
Website: instyle.com

Business Week

The leading provider of investing information on the web. Subscription to S&P Personal wealth.
Fax 609-426-7623
Service: 800-635-1200; Subscription: 888-878-5151
E-mail: bwwebmaster@businessweek.com; Website: businessweek.com


Information and articles on 11 different topics relating to money - personal finance, investing and business forecasts. Read a trial subscription of their many print products and order on-line.
Website: kiplinger.com

Money Magazine

Everything the print edition offers plus some interactive tools.
Website: pathfinder.com


Website: worth.com

Food and Drink (9 listings total)


The authority on bartening, cocktail recipes
Website: bartender.com

Bon Appetit Online

Online edition of the premier magazine for fine dining and cooking.
Website: epicurious.com

Books A Million

BooksAMillion is your on-line bookstore that sells books, coffee, magazines, and calenders for reasonable prices.
Tel 800-201-3550
Website: booksamillion.com

Game Playing (electronic) (5 listings total)

Gardening (3 listings total)

American Nurseryman Publishing Co.

Magazine for horticulture professionals for all segments of the Green Industry?growing, landscaping and garden center retailing.
Tel 800-621-5727
Fax: 312-782-3232; E-mail: books@amerinursery.com
Website: amerinursery.com

Gay & Lesbian Publications (1 listings total)

Health Magazines (10 listings total)

Flex Online

Get pumped with flex online, with tips on working out and nutrition to look your best.
Website: flexonline.com


Alternative and Complementary Medicine.
Website: holisticonline.com


Holistic magazine
Website: innerself.com

Men's Fitness Online

Nutrition, health, fitness for men
Website: mensfitness.com

Muscle and Fitness Online

Get the body you always wanted with tips on training and nutrition on this online version of Muscle and Fitness.
Website: muscleandfitness.com

Self Online

Online resource for good health and nutrition.
Website: self.com

Shape Online

Exciting website that makes exercise a breeze, with lots of techniques and tips at getting that body you always wanted.
Website: shape.com

Hobby Magazines (1 listings total)

Home Improvement (5 listings total)


Home, Cooking and Entertaining, Gardening, Crafts, Holiday, Keeping, Weddings
Website: marthastewart.com

Humor (4 listings total)

National Lampoon

The classic humor of the National Lampoon is now available on line.
Website: nationallampoon.com

Literary Magazines (21 listings total)

Readers Digest

Get your bookworm fix with lots of interesting articles and excerpts from excerpt from best-selling books, plus a online subscription service.
Website: readersdigest.com

Men's Magazines (6 listings total)

GQ Magazine

Website: gq.com

Maxim Magazine

Tel 800-233-9054
Website: maximonline.com

Men's Health Online

Sex, sports, health, and food. Everything a guy needs, online.
Website: menshealth.com


A classy men's entertainment magazine.
Website: playboy.com

Music & Performance (8 listings total)

Rolling Stone

The magazine every musician wishes to grace comes online with a variety of well written articles on the popular music scene.
Website: rollingstone.com

Music and Pop Culture (13 listings total)

CD Mag

Website: cdmag.com

New York Rock****

Rock and Roll served up New York Style : classifieds, music reviews, music downloads, and more. Great Site.
Website: nyrock.com

News Magazines (10 listings total)

Newsweek Online

Get caught up on the news stories that affect your life on this online version of the popular Newsweek Magazine.
Website: newsweek.com

Texas Monthly

Politics, environment, industry, and education and leisure guide
Website: texasmonthly.com

US News

Website: usnews.com

USA Today

Political and economical news in USA and abroad
Website: usatoday.com

Outdoor Activities (4 listings total)

Politics and International (7 listings total)

Science and Nature (15 listings total)

Audubon Magazine

Magazine of the National Audubon Society
Website: magazine.audubon.org

Biblical Archaelogy Society

Well written and evocative articles, like Bible Review's, King David
Website: bib-arch.org

Current Archaeology

This site focuses mainly on research and digs in the UK. Vivid photos illustrate excavation sites like the Clava cairns, ancient chambered tombs in Scotland.
Website: archaeology.co.uk

National Geographic Online

Explore the world with your mouse. Wonderful pictorials and well written articles make this website stand out.
Website: nationalgeographic.com

Special Interest Magazines (4 listings total)

American Guild of Organists Online

Join this professional organist guild or learn about their activities at this well designed website.
Website: agohq.org


The Buddhist Review Online.
Website: tricycle.com

Sports Magazines (16 listings total)


Website: charged.com

PGA Magazne

Website: pga.com

Runner's World Online

Make a dash from Runner's World Online, the worlds leading runners magazine.
Website: runnersworld.com

Technology (4 listings total)

Teen Magazines (4 listings total)

Theater and Film (5 listings total)


Industry news, interviews, classes.
Website: auditiontoday.com


The Complete On-Line Performing Arts Resource.
Toll-Free 800-634-6810
Website: backstage.com

Show Business Online

Show Business is The Original Casting Weekly for the performing artist.
E-mail: editor@showbusinessweekly.com; Website: showbusinessweekly.com

Travel Magazines (8 listings total)

Big World Magazine

Budget travel magazine with an international view.
E-mail: bigworld@bgwrold.com; Website: bigworld.com

Buiness Traveleer Online

Online magazine for the travelling business man.
Website: btonline.com

Car & Travel

Travel catalog from Automobile Club of New York
Tel 800-847-8091
Website: aaa.com

Conde Nast Traveler Online

Online magazine for the worldly traveler, contains informative articles, tips, plus a online store.
Website: concierge.com

Izon's Backpackers Journal

Features hundreds of tips for safety, transportation, accomodating, health, scams, photography, etc
Website: izon.com


Online magazine dedicated to helping you plan the perfect spa vacation.
Website: spamagazine.com

Wine and Spirits (1 listings total)

Women's Magazines (7 listings total)