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Audio-video Manufacturers

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Audio-video Manufacturers


Audio Design Associates.
Website: ada-usa.com


Audio, tv, video, computer monitor, home theatre.
Tel 888-697-2247
E-mail: customercare@akaiusa.com; Website: akaiusa.com


Alpine is the only manufacturer specializing in mobile multimedia, an integrated system approach incorporating digital entertainment, security and navigation products for your mobile entertainment.
Website: alpine-usa.com

Analog and digital systems.

Delivering the world's finest quality mobile audio products and unique acoustic products that blend visually stunning industrial design with sonic perfection for the ultimate home theater experience.
Website: adst.com


ATI?s Pure Balance technology introduces a range of models that feature true differential design; balanced from input to output. This design allows the quietest and purest reproduction of the audio signal.
Website: ati-amp.com

Atlantic Technology

We design, engineer, and build integrated multi-channel speaker systems.
Website: atlantictechnology.com

Audio Plex

Whole house distributed audio and commercial audio systems.
Website: audioplex.com

Audio Pro

For 25 years we have created speakers that have gained acclaim, both within the trade press and among our customers.
Website: audiopro.com

Audio Source

AudioSource designs, manufactures and sells a full line of home theater products including audio components, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, and complete home theater surround sound speaker systems.
Website: audiosource.net


We have designed our products to install more quickly and easily...for faster, cleaner and more reliable outcomes every time.
Website: audioplex.com


"We invite you to view the broad range of our product line and explore the possibilities."
Website: audioquest.com


Tel 800-229-1235
Website: audiovox.com


Website: bwspeakers.com


Tel 800-370-3740
E-mail: info@bwspeakers.com; Website: bwspeakers.com


Sspeakers, floor, wall, bookshelf, home theatre systems.
Tel 888461462
E-mail: contactus@bicamerica.com; Website: bicamerica.com


Known for our innovation and product design excellence.
Website: bazooka.com


BBE high definition sound is built-in to electronic crossovers.
Website: bbesound.com


If you seek state of the art audio video furniture systems in modern furniture designs that include Italian Contemporary Furniture creativity, look to Bell'O for audio furniture, home theater furniture, entertainment centers, speaker stands, projection TV stands, Plasma TV stands, or stand alone TV stands for your utilitarian and decorative furniture requirements.
Website: bello.com


Tel 888-461-4628
Website: bicamerica.com


Tired of wimpy sounds? Get Blaupunkt.
Website: blaupunktusa.com


Innovative Bose technologies provide extraordinary audio performance, elegance and simplicity.
Toll-Free 800-999-2673
Website: bose.com


Innovative Bose technologies provide extraordinary audio performance, elegance and simplicity.
Toll-Free 800-999-2673
Website: bose.com

Boston Acoustics

Specializing in speakers.
Tel 800-246-7767
Website: bostonacoustics.com

Cambridge Soundworks

Make your home theatre come alive with Cambridge Soundworks speakers. Hi-fi equipment at a low-fi price. Cambridge SoundWorks is an authorized Sony dealer.
Tel 800-367-4434
Website: hifi.com

Cerwin Vega

Tel 805-584-5300
Website: cerwinvega.com

Chang Lightspeed

Chang Lightspeed Powerline Filters for all of your home theather and audio needs.
Website: changlightspeed.com

Channel Vision

Manufacturer and marketer of electronic home entertainment, surveillance and information technology.
Website: channelvision.com


Car multimedia.
Website: clarion.com


Tel 800-393-9668
Website: daewoous.com


Tel 973-396-0810
Website: usa.denon.com

Dish Network (EchoStar)

Tel 800-333-3474
Website: dishnetwork.com


Car audio, automotive, computers.
Website: dynamat.com

Esoteric Audio

Home of tiff electronics, streetwires, gold quest, and esoteric audio/video.
Website: eau.com

Fisher Audio Video

Low end audio video equipment.
Tel 818-998-7322
Website: fisherav.com


Advanced technologies which clearly set the company apart from its competitors.
Website: focal-america.com


Website: gradolabs.com


The standard.
Website: hafler.com


Tel 800-422-8027
Website: harmankardon.com

Hitachi Ltd.

Very large international a/v company.
Tel 800-448-2244
Website: hitachi.com


A cost effective solution to the cabling needs of musicians, engineers, and audio and video enthusiasts the world over.
Website: hosatech.com

Infinity Systems

Performance audio systems for the home and car.
Tel 516-674-4463
Website: Infinitysystems.com


Car stereo that fuels living large.
Website: kicker.com


Wide range of speaker types, floor and bass bins, bookshelf and computer speakers.
Tel 818-767-2843
E-mail: info@klhaudio.com; Website: klhaudio.com

Klipsch Audio Technologies

In the end, it's all about the sound.
Website: klipsch.com


Headphones specialist.
Website: koss.com


Televisions, VCR & DVD recorders.
Tel 800-243-0000
Website: lgusa.com

Marantz Pro

Home base of the Marantz audio professionals.
Website: marantz.com

MB Quart

High end German audio products.
Website: mbquart.com

Monitor Audio

British loudspeakers of the highest quality.
Website: monitoraudio.com

Monster Cable

Get all the performance you paid for!
Website: monstercable.com


Website: mtxaudio.com


Audio and video manufacturer.
Tel 800-338-6549
Website: necus.com


These are loudspeaker systems that we as audio enthusiasts would want to own; that will provide a lifetime of listening pleasure. Our products from past to present speak volumes of how dedicated we are to sonic excellence.
Website: nhthifi.com

Niles Audio

At Niles, our mission is to be the world's leading supplier of products that offer our customers innovative solutions for whole-house distribution and integration of audio/video systems while providing unparalleled quality, convenience, control, and value.
Website: nilesaudio.com


High end Japanese audio equipment.
Website: onkyousa.com

Owne's Corning

Acoustic systems for commercial, residential and insdustrial use.
Website: owenscorning.com


Solid solutions and solid support.
Website: peerlessindustries.com

PIE (Precision Interface Electionics)

Manufacturer of a full line of high quality, state of the art, car audio installation accessories.
Website: pie.net


Audio and video manufacturer.
Tel 800-421-1404
Website: pioneerelectronics.com

Polk Audio

audio and video manufacturer
Tel 800-377-7655
Website: polkaudio.com

Profile Consumer Electronics, Inc.

Full line of Car Audio.
Website: profileusa.com

PSB Speakers

Speakers and home theatre systems.
Tel 888-772-0000
E-mail: info@psbspeakers.com; Website: psbspeakers.com


Changing the way sound travels.
Website: qlogic.com


MP3 players, memory, cables/adapters, cases and replacement parts.
Website: rioaudio.com

Rockford Fosgate

Define what you are.
Website: rockfordfosgate.com


The worlds finest home thater products.
Website: runco.com


Latest tecnologies and superior products and services.
Technical Support 800-726-7864
Website: samsung.com

SAS Bazooka

Listen to your ears.
Website: sasbazooka.com


Provides both the novice and professional audio installer with the most up-to-date information on installation techniques for a variety of vehicles.
Website: scosche.com


Wireless microphones, noise cancelling reduction, audiology systems, headphone listening and microphone usage.
Website: sennheiserusa.com


Audio and video equipment manufacturer.
Tel 800-237-4277
Website: sharpusa.com

Shure Audio

Makers of professional audio equipment, including microphones.
Website: shureaudio.com


Home of sima products, cherokee electronics, and first alert emergency radios.
Website: simacorp.com


Nice array of audio equipment from home theater systems to professional audio products. Excellent service and proven reliability. On-line orders shipped fast. SmartLots.com is the place to visit!
24 Hours 718-200-6881
E-mail: service@smartlots.com; Website: smartlots.com


The leader in architectural audio.
Website: sonance.com


Very respected audio and video equipment manufacturer
Technical Support 800-222-7669
Website: sony.com

Sony Home Audio ES

"Whenever you're home, Sony is there with you."
Website: sony.com

Sony Xplod

High impact audio from Sony.
Website: xplodsony.com


Car audio interfaces, stereo upgrades, CD changer interfaces for car stereo systems.
Website: soundgate.com


Listen to the best... soundstream.
Website: soundstream.com

Spatializer Audio Labs

Hear the difference.
Website: spatializer.com

Speaker Craft

Custom installation company, installing multi-room audio systems.
Website: speakercraft.com


High Quality Rock Speakers and Lights. Yup, speakers that look like rocks.
Website: stereostone.com

Stewart Screen

A quality Stewart screen will last years longer than projection system technologies.
Website: stewartfilm.com

Studio Technologies Inc.

Designs and manufactures professional audio products for recording, broadcast, film-post, and test applications.
Website: studio-tech.com


Makes the world most powerful home audio and home cinema electronics and subwoofers.
Website: sunfire.com


Audio and video components for the new generation of cool.
Website: tdk.com


Airborne video products, hi-8mm, in-flight entertainment, cdrw's, floppy drives, stereo components, tascam, 911 equipment, data recorders.
Website: teac.com


The elements of good reception.
Website: terk.com

U.S. Acoustics Amplifiers

Power, style and function.
Website: usacoustics.com

Velodyne Acoustics Inc.

Home theater speakers and sub-woofers. Feel the power.
Website: velodyne.com


Innovative supports for audio and video equipment.
Website: vogels.com


High end cables.
Website: xloelectric.com